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Wynter Wynter

Gender: Female
Birthday: April 21, 1972 age: 52
City: Phoenix
State: AZ
Country: United States

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Bed Rest?!?

written by Wynter on Mon Jul 30 12:02:08 -0700 2007

What do you mean I can’t go back to work?! It really sucks to be put on bed rest. I can understand the logic behind it, but I really hate not being in control.

If anyone has any suggestions for dealing bed rest let me know! I am only on day four and I am getting antsy already. And I bet I am starting to drive Ken nuts. :)


The final word...

written by Wynter on Sun Sep 17 10:42:38 -0700 2006

Everyone already knows the bad news – that we are not going to be parents early next year. The official diagnosis is Missed AB (Missed Abortion). It sucks, what can I say. If you want to know more, but just aren’t sure if you should ask – go ahead. I am open to talking and explaining – and I will tell you if it is too much at the moment. This doesn’t mean that we won’t ever be parents, it just means we have to wait awhile for my body to heal then… well you know!