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It's always hard to say goodbye

June 03, 2007 · 14:41 pm
1 Category: Life

Yesterday was hard. We had to say goodbye to Anteros, one of our beloved cats.. one of our family. Last weekend he got sick, but seemed to be getting better, then started showing signs that something was wrong. We finally took him to the vet on Friday, and the blood tests showed that there were problems with his kidneys.. really bad problems. Besides the hard choice that we made yesterday, the other option would be to spend a lot of money to put him on IV fluid for a couple days and then retest him to see if he might respond to treatment. That treatment would have been a special diet and giving him fluids 2 to 3 times a week for the rest of his life. Basically having him on the cat version of kidney dialysis. As the morning went on, we could tell he wasn’t doing well, and any treatment would have just prolonged his suffering, so we said goodbye. We will miss him.